Since 1979 FiberLok has been at the forefront of the imprinted apparel market. Over the years FiberLok has been awarded a comprehensive patent portfolio and has won over 100 Golden Image Awards from the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

FiberLok - Who We Are

Who We Are

FiberLok is single-handedly inventing and pioneering the development of an entirely new category of non-embroidered dimensional graphics that includes exclusive Lextra, TackleKnit and ChromaFlex products. We offer a most-rare combination of over 500 years’ cumulative specialized manufacturing experience and over 40 years’ continuous production in our Fort Collins, Colorado plant.

FiberLok - What We Do

What We Do

Recognizing the well-known problems and limitations of direct embroidery, FiberLok’s mission is to create greater value with the original dimensional graphics technologies we invent and produce. Our customers are the most savvy imprinters of higher-value-added products who leverage FiberLok’s capabilities and product attributes to add unique value to the items they produce.

FiberLok - Since 1979

Since 1979

Back when FiberLok was founded in 1979, it was created with an idea that remains our primary objective today: to manufacture a category of dimensional graphics products featuring qualities above and beyond what is possible with embroidery or ink-printed products. The graphic design applied to an imprinted product is usually the focal point of the entire item, so there is no greater possible return-on-investment than a compelling, high-impact FiberLok dimensional graphic especially in terms of precision, durability, wearing comfort—and especially uniqueness-distinction.

FiberLok - Now

Here For You

For over 40 years, FiberLok has always been committed to our customers–who are likewise committed to their customers–resourcefully delivering best-available image reproductions to bring greater value to their imprinted products. In a highly-competitive world of me-too products, FiberLok and its customers stand together with original and exclusive graphics solutions that create the greatest visual and experiential impact.

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