About FiberLok

In today’s hotly competitive brand apparel market, the move is towards raised or dimensional images and away from flat graphics and embroidery. For more than three decades we have been at the forefront of this movement, developing innovations including more than 90 patent applications, and solutions that have supported 100’s of top brands and brands moving up.

FiberLok is the world’s leader in creating exclusive and innovative Dimensional Graphics products for application to a wide range of products in over fifty niche markets around the world. We are a family-owned company, in business continuously for over 37 years, with 500 years’ cumulative experience, and over 400 million transfers manufactured in our 50,000-SF vertical  manufacturing plant in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Front Range.

In a world with so many commodity products, FiberLok is the greatest resource for unique logo and branding solutions. FiberLok Dimensional Graphics are supplied to business partners who are the best imprinted products resources on the planet—simply because they understand that they are responsible for bringing best-value image reproductions to their customers.

Almost 40 years ago, FiberLok saw the need for a new category of Dimensional Graphics to fill the gap between traditional embroidered and printed graphics. ONLY FiberLok Dimensional Graphics offer the highest-value combination of benefits:


  • Like embroidery advantages:
    • Rich texture, intense colors
    • High perceived value
  • Like screen/digital printing advantages:
    • Faithful reproduction of finest design details
    • Accurate color matching
    • Fast to produce
    • Inexpensive

Everything you need to
make your brand Dimensional