FiberLok for Imprinters

FiberLok’s Primary Business For Almost 40 Years:

Inventing And Custom Manufacturing Dimensional Graphics

For High-Volume Imprinters Needs (1,000-Plus).

The Perfect Complement to Embroidery,

With Image Reproduction Capabilities That Begin

Where Other Technologies Leave Off

In a world of so many everyday-quality graphics applied to imprinted products, FiberLok Dimensional Graphics Products truly stand alone—in terms of:

  • extraordinarily beautiful image reproductions,
  • quality outlasting life of the imprinted item
  • real opportunity to create product differentiation,
  • permanent application in only 20 seconds or less.

FiberLok’s customers are the world’s greatest producers of a wide range of imprinted products.


These organizations are the greatest, because they accept responsibility for sourcing and making accessible to their customers the best-available image reproduction technologies to meet their needs. These enlightened organizations understand the basic truth that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for all types of graphic designs.


Best-in-market graphic reproduction technologies bring  the most value to the imprinted products by featuring the  greatest combinations of aesthetic, functional and strategic attributes. For example. for pro sports jerseys and kids’ school uniform logos, where durability, comfort with soft touch, intense colors and precise graphics are important attributes, Lextra flock-textured dimensional graphics solutions cannot be beat. For original brand graphics with metallic design elements, there is no greater image reproduction technology available than ChromaFlex.


For your high volume imprinted product decoration needs, check with FiberLok to learn more about how we can help your program and your customers. Also, have a look at FiberLok’s Dimensional Graphics PRODUCTS or check out information in NICHE MARKETS to learn how FiberLok Dimensional Graphics are helping organizations in your trade market.

Everything you need to
make your brand Dimensional