Lextra Gallery

Playful, creative Lextra 3D soccer club brand using different rich textured and intense colors to  create sense of movement and fast-action soccer play;  players most proud to wear these stunning badges

Intensely colored nylon flock fibers of Lextra 3D combine with lustrous textile insert to create a powerful look from a small badge;

Mattress branding enhanced with Lextra 3D transfer graphic featuring silver metalweave textile insert;  get-noticed brand reproduction supports high perceived value and differentiation of sleep products

Only Lextra 3-D reproduces fine details of authentic brand images;  rich contrasting textures create unique sense of dimension and highest perceived value

Lextra 3D features contrasting colors and textures to create most-intriguiging  soccer club ccres;  enabling distinct look and authenticity  proudly worn by players

Lextra 3D brings it all to official brand reproduction: finely-detailed images, intense color, richlly-textured high-luster textile insert.

Lextra 3-D and use of subtle, classic colors has created this most-intriguing richly-textured brand graphic to create licensed product differentiation, uniqueness, high perceived value and protection against copies.

Delicate free-standing lines most accurately reproduced with Lextra flock-textured graphics;

Authentic club and school logos reproduced with richly-textured and intensely-colored Lextra flock graphics

Creative combination of rich flock texture along with voids (open spaces) creates intruiging Lextra textured effects

Kids and parents appreciate the lightweight, softly-textured delicate Lextra school graphics that will outlast the life of the uniform

Rich and delicately-textured Lextra flocked original brand design reproduction creates enhanced high perceived value and authenticity of the original brand logo

Heat applied Lextra flock-textured graphics are a handsome, elegant way to reproduce official brand graphics; comfortable-to-wear, Lextra will outlast the item to which it is applied

Single-color Lextra flock-textured brand graphic faithfully reproduces the original brand logo while at same time creating compelling dimensionality and texture through use of raised flock and open-space “void” design elements

Even simple brand graphics are reproduced with soft, elegant Lextra flock printing; meeting all specifications, Lextra is permanently applied in 20 seconds or less

Finely-detailed yet richly-textured Lextra brand logos are now reproduced for application to neoprene directly, or to knit-textile-laminated neoprene products for most-impressive images that are also soft to the touch.

Intensely-detailed school brand images are faithfully reproduced with Lextra flock-textured graphics;

Lextra accurate brand and color reproduction of corporate logos make most-comfortable polo shirt work wear for retail stores

Heat-applied Lextra graphics for official uniforms are able to add authenticity and authority, at the same time being most comfortable to wear

Difficult-to-embroider parallel lines on sheer textiles are a snap with Lextra flock-textured graphics, with permanent application in 20 seconds

For most-comfortable everyday work uniform branding, while at the same time accurately reproducing brand graphics, Lextra does the job elegantly; this sample was for pants

Imprinters have depended on Lextra flock graphics for bold, durable, highly abrasion-resistant official logo branding that meets specs

Lextra 3D for mattress branding may incorporate a wide range of textile inserts to create a sense of dimension and highest visual brand impact;  this sample made with silver MetalWeave insert

Lextra 3-D heat applied flock transfers make use of colors, fine detail design elements and texture to create out-of-the-ordinary moving images

Bold, simple yet elegant–this Lextra 3-D sports patch treats this club logo in a most unique way: for sew-on or heat-seal application

In addition to authentically reproducing the official brand logo, this visual effect is enhanced with the brilliant-color textile insert; freestanding Lextra 3D flock print at the bottom adds even greater contrast and design impact for decorating neoprene products

Intensely-colored Lextra 3-D flock fiber colors jazz up this school brand logo, along with the matching gold textile insert

For greatest authenticity, a brand logo reproduced with Lextra 3-D cannot be matched–thanks to the fine free-standing design elements and brilliant-finish textile insert

Options for application of images to up-market sports medicine products are limited–this stunning Lextra 4-D graphic permanently applies directly to neoprene substrates in 20 seconds or less

With Lextra 3-D visually-compelling stand-out dimesional stickers like this image can be created;  raised flocked graphic contrasts with embroidery-like high-luster woven textile insert

Only Lextra 3-D is able to combine fine design elements and color fades with the rich, contrasting textures of raised flock and inserted textile to produce this brand logo

When a brand logo needs to be reproduced accurately, yet with high visual interest, Lextra 3-D is able to delivery the result with graphics that get-noticed, outast the life of the imprinted item

This complex school crest features so many details only possible with Lextra 4-D:  multicolor finely-detailed flock printing over multiple-color textile inserts in one heat-seal product that permanently applies in 20 seconds or less

Official league logo is all the more authentic with exclusive mixed-media Lextra 4D:  flock print + ObiTex lustrous textile insert to create a most-intense visual image

Lextra 3D does it best when it comes to combining rich flock texture, use of open spaces within the design and high-luster textile inserts, resulting in greatest-looking way to reproduce this soccer club brand logo

Bold, simple yet elegant–this Lextra 3-D sports patch treats this club logo in a most unique way: for sew-on or heat-seal application

Sometimes Lextra 3-D is able to bring the best out of bold-yet-elegant soccer club brand images with its rich textures and intensely-colored materials; result is team jerseys players are most proud to wear!

Lextra 3D graphic combines rich flock texture, woven textile insert and free-standing stars at top for enhanced dimensional effect

It’s hard to believe this amazing Lextra 3-D mixed-media grahic is a heat transfer, permanently applying in 20 seconds or less

Intense flock colors, mixed-media flock combined with high-luster ObiTex textile insert and imaginative use of freestanding fine edge effects in this Lextra 3D transfer clearly sends the message that this club is about action!

In addition to authentically reproducing the official brand logo, this visual effect is enhanced with the brilliant-color textile insert;  freestanding Lextra 3D flock print at the bottom adds even greater contrast and design impact

There is so much more value with Lextra 3-D heat applied graphics: transfers also featuring rich textures and mixed-media combinations of materials for high perceived value

Exquisitely-detailed brand logos for mattress branding are faithfully reproduced with Lextra 3-D flock graphics

Mixed-media Lextra 3-D printing creates textured patches for sew-on or heat-seal that cannot be matched!

Subtle-yet-rich colors combined with contrasting textures help create this handsome Lextra 3-D patch

Unlimited shape patches may be created with Lextra 3D or any other FiberLok dimensional graphics product

Lextra 3-D flock printing technology, combined with the richly-textured fabric insert, uniquely create this fantastic brand image

Application of colorful, richly-textured sport graphics onto neoprene sports medicine products can now be done in 20 seconds or less with Lextra 3-D

Elegant brands for mattress products are reproduced so well with richly-textured Lextra 3-D flock transfers

Official work unifor graphics are so effectively created with Lextra 3-D flock transfers; featuring precision and wearing comfort far beyond what is possible with embroidery

Lextra 3-D is all about rich texures and intense colors, which combine here to create a most-unique pocket graphic design

Stunningly-beautiful Lextra 3-D patches for heat-seal or sew-on application may be produced in any shape

Lextra 3D patches for work uniforms or branded corporate apparel can accurately reproduce official brand logos for sew-on or heat-seal application

When Lextra 3-D technology is used to reproduce authentic logos, finer design details can be created compared to embroidery, in dimensional graphics that permanently apply in 20 seconds or less

Cool, dynamic Lextra 3-D brand graphic images permanently apply to neoprene sports medicine items in 20 seconds or less

Full-chest-size Lextra flock heat transfer permanently applies to work wear and will outlast the life of the imprinted apparel with soft, light-weight feel and wearing comfort.

Full-chest size Lextra 3-D flock transfer graphics for application to uniforms create the look of authenticity without the weight and rigidity of embroidery or patches; blue high-luster textile insert creates the right amount of elegance in this amazing design

Lextra 4D stands alone as the only 20-second heat applied graphic that looks more outstanding that direct embroidery in terms of finely-detailed image reproduction and precise color matching.

This Lextra 4D transfer iamge says it all to soccer fans and players–multicolor flock graphic over printed high-luster textile insert to create mixed-media club image to-die-for!

Application of top-quality sports event graphics for sports medicine neoprene products cannot be better than this Lextra 4D mixed-media graphic!

Lextra 4D is able to uniquely produce both the flocked foreground image as well as the camo background graphic to produce so-cool visual effects.

For this soccer club image featuring the freestanding stars above a patch-like design element, only Lextra 4D gets the job  done so elegantly!

There’s a lot going on with this Lextra 4D patch, so many colors and textures produce a moving image for sew-on or heat-seal application

Official brand logo is reproduced while at the same time incorporating a digitally-imprinted Lextra 4D textile insert and featuring the freestanding lettering extending outward, all of which create enhanced dimension

Sometimes the beauty of Lextra 4D flock transfers really comes through from the contrast of the top flocked graphic with the sheer-satin finely-imprinted textile insert:  no better way to reproduce this image!

For official military sleeve badge patches, Lextra 4D brings most-intriguing details and combinations of design elements

Lextra 4-D heat applied graphics can be at their best when designs incorporate separate free-standing elements like the stars, shield and ribbon of this image.

Most of the world has never seen stickers like this Lextra 4D mixed-media beauty: for special events, can be combo sticker, sew-on patch

Lextra 4D mixed-media graphics feature color shifts, gradients and other dimension-promoting elements;  result is most-compelling dimensional images

Special-event Lextra 4D patches (also available with sticker backing) create most-appropriate souvenirs or official uniform graphics that are “keepers”

Lextra 4-D features both chrome-like process-color lettering and surrounding frame plus digitally printed shiny textile insert with detailed repeat pattern; available for application to OE products as stickers, heat-seal or thermoformable transfers

Lextra 4-D features both chrome-like process-color lettering and surrounding frame plus digitally printed shiny textile insert with detailed repeat pattern; contrasts in texture, graphic images and finish enhance the dimensionality and increase the perceived value and uniqueness of the brand

This Lextra 4-D patch is permanently heat-applied in 20 seconds, or stitched-on, and will outlast the life of the imprinted product

Official product or corporate branding for application to work uniforms–when the reproduction must be accurate–often works best with Lextra flock-textured graphics;  both solid and freestanding design elments reproduce well for most-authentic logos

Lextra 4-D creates small richly-colored, finely-detailed heat seal graphics for branding or decoration of sports medicine neoprene products

Practically any amount of design detail can be reproduced as a Lextra flock-textured heat transfer for school uniforms

Some people feel that Lextra flock-textured graphics are at their best when reproducing finely-detailed freestanding design elements that show off the rich dimensional value

Whimsical school uniform brand logos reproduce so well with comfortable, hard-wearing and softly-textured Lextra flock printing

Accurate Lextra flock-textured transfer logo printing for work wear will outlast the item to which it is applied, while provding greater wearing comfort than embroidery or patches.

It is not obvious from the soft flock texture and rich colors of this Lextra school uniform graphic that it will outlast the apparel item to which it is applied

Sometimes it is the most simple, yet richly-textured Lextra flock texture school uniform logos that really tell the story about the comfort and dimension of amazing Lextra flock transfers

Who said work uniform brand logos cannot be soft, elegant yet outlast the life of the item to which they are applied, like this Lextra flock transfer design?

School uniform official school logos reproduce so well with Lextra flock transfer printing that we may forget about how comfortable they are and that they outlast the uninform to which they are applied!

Work uniform customers can be picky about the accuracy of their brand graphics, which is where Lextra flock printing comes in–comforable, hard-wearing graphics people are proud to wear!

Fine design details, combining freestanding elements with solid image areas–all quite do-able with Lextra flock transfer printing for school uniforms

Most-faithful reproducction of this brand logo with fine Lextra multicolor flock printing, intense and contrasting colors

Small size brand logo is able to maintain the fine design elements and fidelity of the brand with Lextra flock printing for OE, work uniform and promotional apparel branding

When every desgn detail needs to be right, why compromise with embroidery when Lextra does the job and permanently heat-applies in 20 seconds or less?

Bright, intensely-colored Lextra flock graphics for school mascots, team logos and school brands cannot be beat!

Lextra flock-textured printing is able to capture the official logo and colors while offering the rich, enhanced texture to increase perceived value of this brand logo

Lextra brand graphics for product logos are often the best way to reproduce 3-dimensional designs.

This gorgeous Lextra 4D brand logo combines the beauty of the foreground flocked design elements with the brilliant digitally printed background fabric for true mixed-media appeal

Lextra flock labels are the most ideal way to apply branding to items like yoga mats because they are so soft and pleasing to the touch!

This 2-color Lextra freestanding flock transfer print for school uniforms is a great way to most-comfortably apply the official logo

Intricately-detailed school uniform brand logos are so nicely reproduced with Lextra flock transfer while being flexible, lightweight, soft to the touch–and outlasting the life of the uniform!

Application of freestanding design graphics like this, onto neoprene sports medicine products is a breeze with Lextra flock transfers!

Lextra flock printing is produced with translucent nylon flock colors to create brilliantly-intense colors and rich texture plus the intriguging beauty of dimensional graphic details and use of open space within a design

This Lextra promo design shows it is possible to maintain the original brand logo specifications and at the same time create visually-pleasing dimension with rich flock textures

Custom Lextra 3-D patches can be produced with customer-furnished (pre-approved) textile inserts–like this actual woolenfabric insert into the Lextra flock graphic