Badges and Insignia

With safety and authenticity being of the utmost importance, our products are created with unique, patented processes for realistic and high-quality reproductions that protect against counterfeit copies.

FiberLok products are designed for your nation’s military, law enforcement, and safety professionals. Officers wear our badges with an authentic look that is flexible, lightweight and comfortably constructed. Our graphics technologies protect agencies from counterfeits and unauthorized use. They can be used on a variety of materials eliminating the cumbersome metal badges or itchy inside stitching associated with embroidery.

Badges and insignia manufactured for our customers.

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This product may be covered by or made by a method of one or more of US pats. 7,338,697; 7,344,769; 7,364,782; 7,381,284; 7,390,552; 7,402,222; 7,413,581; 7,632,371; 7,749,589; 8,168,262; 8,206,800; 8,354,050; 9,012,005; 9,175,436; 9,180,530; 9,180,729; 9,193,214; with additional patents pending worldwide. Samples shown are for the purpose of illustrating FiberLok's graphic reproduction capabilities and products, and designs shown are not offered for sale.

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • PPAI
  • Flame Resistant Fabric

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