FiberLok dimensional graphics feature a unique combination of product attributes, a “Swiss-army toolbox” of graphic solutions for industrial product designers and developers.

This specialty market includes non-apparel products (those that are not worn) and which are not automotive. Examples are brand logos for yoga mats and mattresses.

FiberLok’s original dimensionalized graphics enable the most-faithful and precise reproduction of original art to create the maximum Brand Magic® while at the same time delivering uniqueness, rich textures, intense colors and the ability to produce higher-volume upscale graphics in a short period of time; and these graphics are permanently applied in 20 seconds or less.

Industrial graphics manufactured for our customers.

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This product may be covered by or made by a method of one or more of US pats. 7,338,697; 7,344,769; 7,364,782; 7,381,284; 7,390,552; 7,402,222; 7,413,581; 7,632,371; 7,749,589; 8,168,262; 8,206,800; 8,354,050; 9,012,005; 9,175,436; 9,180,530; 9,180,729; 9,193,214; with additional patents pending worldwide. Samples shown are for the purpose of illustrating FiberLok's graphic reproduction capabilities and products, and designs shown are not offered for sale.

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • PPAI
  • Flame Resistant Fabric

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