ChromaFlex Dimensional Graphics

FiberLok dimensional graphics products offer extraordinary aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages that often begin where more common methods like embroidery leave off.

What It Is:


Simply said, ChromaFlex dimensional graphics are the most brilliantly elegant, iconic and performance-engineered image reproduction products available in the world today.


Patented ChromaFlex are metalized, die-molded graphics offering an industry-first, wide range of aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages.


In a world of copy-cat products, only ChromaFlex graphics:

  • are made with patented metalized films
  • are able to achieve most-delicate surface geometry
  • feature extreme durability and wash fastness above and well beyond other metallic graphics
  • are created with high frequency die MOLDING, instead of more common die STAMPING, to enable the creation of most realistic and visually compelling image shapes


High-tech ChromaFlex is made from metabolized films, which are printed and then die-molded and cut into final shapes. ChromaFlex dimensional graphics are available in many product versions and configurations, including:


  • heat-seal transfers
  • sew-on patches
  • stickers
  • Velcro-back patches


How It Helps:


In just a few years since its introduction, ChromaFlex is already making a range of contributions to upgrading the look and performance of imprinted products, including:

  • replacing rigid, heavy metal badges for police uniforms that must constantly be moved from garment to garment, replaced with:

o  genuine look of authority

o  permanent application to police uniforms

o  high wash fastness

o  lightweight, flexible, MOST comfortable for everyday wear

  • replacing old-style embroidered patches for sports league branding, with higher-tech updated and precision look of molded-metallic images
  • used for iconic sports events, including reproduction of famous metallic trophies
  • replacing embroidery for most-natural and more-precise reproduction of images, lending themselves best to ChromaFlex technology:

o  aircraft image reproductions

o  automotive badges, brands


Who It Helps:


FiberLok’s core belief is that when it comes to reproducing different types of graphic designs, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all solution”. Accordingly, ChromaFlex is designed to be the best possible way to reproduce a range of graphic designs that lend themselves to the technology—most obviously those with metallic design elements.

Brand managers, designers and developers of a wide range of different  products benefit from adding ChromaFlex printing capability as a competitive advantage in order to upgrade and differentiate their imprinted products from all the rest—or to simply do a better job of reproducing those image types.


What to Do:


For help with ChromaFlex dimensional graphics products, please contact us!


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