Consumer Dimensional Graphics Products

FiberLok dimensional graphics products offer extraordinary aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages that often begin where more common methods like embroidery leave off.

What It Is:


A number of available retail consumer products are made with FiberLok’s dimensional graphics technologies.


Lextra flock-textured graphics are used to create:

  • Computer MouseRugs
  • CoasterRugs for drinks
  • BookRugs bookmarks
  • LextraStickers – coming soon!


ChromaFlex metallized, die-molded graphics used to produce:


  • commemorative “souvenir” stickers
  • patches for sew-on or with Velcro-type backing


These most-unique consumer products (many are available at or through better gift and retail shops around the world) are well-known to be market-leading and best-in-class product offerings that have been best sellers for over two decades. And since they are performance-engineered for apparel application, to outlast the life of the garment, in many cases they are “over-kill” for less-demanding consumer product applications. For example, after the sale of hundreds of thousands of MouseRugs over twenty years, FiberLok has not yet seen one wear out!


How It Helps:


FiberLok’s consumer products offer exclusive and unique marketing opportunities to retailers throughout the world who are positioned to sell better-quality products.


Without any direct competition for over 20 years, these exclusive products offer retailers the opportunity to establish and maintain robust profitability, while at the same time bringing their customers quite unique, compellingly-interesting, out-of-the-ordinary, long-lasting and useful products:


Lextra MouseRugs combine the beauty of ancient, classic rug designs with the functionality of high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques. And they are The Graphics People Love to Touch®, the classiest computer mouse pads and the perfect way to express individual taste and design expression in a well-decorated home or office environment.


Lextra CoasterRugs have the same advantages of MouseRugs and do the best functional job of absorbing the liquid coming off glasses and containers of liquids.


Lextra BookRugs not only help keep one’s place while reading books and magazines, they offer a pleasant touch to relieve the tension that comes from reading certain types of publications!


Lextra Stickers, soon-to-be-released, will be produced as cut-to-fit sheets, and feature a number of unique benefits:
Aesthetic values:

  • rich textile-like surface
  • intensely-colored nylon fiber printing
  • to decorate, brand, and express one’s design sense
  • also for application to many retail items like cell phones, laptops, water bottles, etc.
  • to differentiate retail sticker products—not your everyday stickers, these look and FEEL unique and up-market


Functional values of Lextra stickers include:

  • made with abrasion-resistant construction, Lextra stickers are practically indestructible, long-lasting
  • insulation value, whether on cold drink containers or the bottom of warm laptops
  • comfortable, pleasing surface touch that is never hot, never cold, never sticky or ever icky…
  • slip-or-grip function:

o   slip: on hard surfaces, Lextra stickers will slip and glide quietly, and without much friction

o   grip: on a textured surface, they form a grip, so cell phones will not slip out of pockets easily; laptops will stay put on laps


Who It Helps:


FiberLok consumer products featuring dimensional graphics bring fresh design, unique function and greater overall value to distributors and retailers in multiple markets around the world who are positioned to sell the best.


FiberLok consumer products tend to be disruptive game-changers in the sense that they are the unexpected. They are changing what people want and expect from a range of different everyday products.


And, of course, the ultimate beneficiaries of these great new FiberLok consumer products are… the consumers, who are delighted with the way they look, feel and perform, and for their novel value as gifts.


And don’t forget to take a look through our galleries to see why FiberLok dimensional graphics are leaps and bounds above anything else out there.

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