Heat-Applied Dimensional Graphics

FiberLok dimensional graphics products offer extraordinary aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages that often begin where more common methods like embroidery leave off.

What it Is:


All FiberLok dimensional graphics products (Lextra, TackleKnit and ChromaFlex) may be produced for heat-seal (“iron-on”) application to a wide range of surfaces.


FiberLok heat-applied graphics are custom-manufactured to meet the needs and specifications for customers producing high volume imprinted products.


FiberLok heat-seal product types include:


  • heat-applied transfers mounted on clear carrier film backing
  • patches (appliques) with heat-seal film backing


How It Helps:


What is especially great about FiberLok dimensional heat-seal graphics is:

  • permanent application to many different type surfaces in 20 seconds or less
  • variety of adhesive types for different surfaces
  • portability: heat-seal graphics may easily and inexpensively be shipped most anywhere
  • instead of puncturing and weakening a surface like embroidered stitching, heat-seal graphics actually reinforce and strengthen the article to which they are applied
  • heat-seal graphics tend to be lighter weight, more flexible and more comfortable to wear than embroidered graphics, which may also include irritating stitches inside a garment
  • special-property heat seal adhesive films are available; for example:

o  CX-2 for application directly onto neoprene rubber materials

o  special adhesives for application to elastic materials

o  lower-melt adhesives for lower-temperature application to heat-sensitive surfaces to help avoid leaving heat press marks or scorching

Who It Helps:


Heat-applied FiberLok dimensional graphics offer special advantages to end users, product designers and developers, as mentioned above. And producers of imprinted products are often those most interested in the advantages of heat-applied graphics.  Imprinters benefit most from:

  • the ability to quickly and easily produce imprinted products
  • inexpensive machinery
  • easy-to-learn processing techniques
  • easier to control quality than embroidery ability to repair and “cover-up” mistakes


The look and quality of FiberLok heat-seal graphics are generally superior to more laborious sew-on application, which also requires more specialized training and equipment.


What to Do:


For help with FiberLok dimensional heat-seal products, please contact us!


And don’t forget to take a look through our galleries to see why FiberLok dimensional graphics are leaps and bounds above anything else out there.

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