Lextra Dimensional Graphics

FiberLok dimensional graphics products offer extraordinary aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages that often begin where more common methods like embroidery leave off.

Lextra is the brand name for a remarkable family of dimensional graphic reproduction products invented in the early 1980’s by Brown Abrams, the founding owner and CEO of FiberLok.


The Lextra core technology involves using high voltage electricity to print heat transfer images onto a clear carrier film, using only pre-dyed nylon fibers with water-based and hot melt adhesives. One at a time, each color of Lextra fibers are charged with high voltage and driven into a proprietary release adhesive in an image that is the reverse of the final. Adhesives are applied and the Lextra flock-textured graphic is subsequently heat transferred onto the final surface being imprinted, and when cool, the carrier film is peeled off to reveal the final dimensional image. Lextra graphics are available in the form of heat transfers, patches for sew-on or heat-seal application and LextraStickers.


Lextra 3-D incorporating a contrasting-texture, single-color, high-luster woven textile in “mixed-media” fashion


Lextra 4-D which adds a digitally printed image onto the textile insert


LextraMax are specially-selected transfers made with high performance adhesive films engineered to meet special customer needs and specifications.  For example…


LextraMax/CX-2 is for direct heat transfer onto neoprene rubber surfaces


LextraMax/IMD is for the creation of thermoformed parts used for in-mold decoration of injection molded plastic parts

How It Helps:


While there is a long list of Lextra aesthetic, functional and strategic attributes, it may be said that Lextra is all about dimension and a texture that makes it The Graphics People Love to Touch®.


The Lextra image reproduction technology leverages the combination of the plush flock fiber texture, in combination with voids (open design spaces), to create enhanced design dimension, plus pleasing touch.


Thanks to the unique look of Lextra dimensional graphics, they may also be used to create product differentiation, distinction and authenticity, and to help prevent unauthorized image reproduction (anti-counterfeit).


Who It Helps:


Lextra graphics are used around the world today in multiple industries to bring most-faithful logo reproductions and richly-textured product imprinting to items ranging from Major League Baseball licensed shirts and hats to UPS drivers’ uniform logos to computer MouseRugs (mouse pads) and much more.


What to Do:


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