FiberLok dimensional graphics products offer extraordinary aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages that often begin where more common methods like embroidery leave off.

What It Is:


All FiberLok dimensional graphics products (Lextra, TackleKnit and ChromaFlex) may be produced as patches (also called appliques or labels) for application to surfaces by heat-seal, sew-on or pressure-sensitive sticker adhesives.


FiberLok dimensional graphic stickers are custom-manufactured to meet the needs and specifications for customers’ high volume programs.


What differentiates FiberLok dimensional graphics stickers is their unique combination of advantages, which includes:


  • finest image reproduction with details, precise color matching
  • richly textured “raised” dimensional images
  • brilliant, intense colors
  • uniqueness, with opportunity to establish product differentiation, and for organizations and brands to express innovation and design leadership


How It Helps:


FiberLok dimensional graphics in the form of patches help in two fundamental ways:


When the look of a patch, a sew-on or more traditional type of added-on graphic is desired such as:

  • sports graphics
  • law enforcement badges


When the portability and flexibility-of-application is needed like:

  • To ship to different product decorators, contractors, licensees in different locations
  • For special distribution channels:

o  promotion hand-out (at trade shows), general distribution (Boy Scout patches)

o  retail sale (surf and skate board brands) to consumers for later application, to add to collections, etc.

o  imprinted product decoration, like for knit ski hats, jackets, etc.


The aesthetic value of FiberLok patches includes:

  • richest most-realistic up-market look
  • pleasing tactile experience of three-dimensional graphics
  • most-unique opportunity to differentiate: an imprinted product, a brand, etc.


The functional value of FiberLok patches can, likewise, be far above and beyond the quality of common embroidered patches in terms of abrasion resistance.

Who It Helps:


Designers, developers and producers of patches and imprinted products bearing patches, brand managers and specifiers, promotional product suppliers and distributors, retailers and other purveyors of patches are all benefitting from the availability of FiberLok patches.


The look and quality of FiberLok dimensional graphics patches is so far   above and beyond what is available from embroidered patches that these innovative creations are pioneering new markets and applications for patches all over the world.


Product designers and developers, brands, retailers and others who did not know such patches were available are now creating new applications for FiberLok patches.


The most common denominator among people and programs being helped most from the new availability of  FiberLok patches are:

  • better brands
  • higher price points
  • those valuing and seeking uniqueness, product differentiation
  • those needing to create souvenir-type momentos for iconic events or to commemorate membership in very special associations
  • anyone with a passion for producing the world’s best images for stickers


What to Do:


For help with FiberLok dimensional Patch products, please contact us!


And don’t forget to take a look through our galleries to see why FiberLok dimensional graphics are leaps and bounds above anything else out there.

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