FiberLok Stickers

FiberLok dimensional graphics products offer extraordinary aesthetic, functional and strategic advantages that often begin where more common methods like embroidery leave off.

What It Is:


All FiberLok dimensional graphics products (Lextra, TackleKnit and ChromaFlex) may be produced as peel-and-stick stickers for temporary or permanent stick-on application to a wide range of surfaces.


FiberLok dimensional graphic stickers are custom-manufactured to meet the needs and specifications for customers’ high volume programs.


Most stickers today are “flat graphics” made with paper or plastic films, and are low-perceived-value items such as bumper stickers.  A tiny portion of the stickers produced today are made from embroidered images, which are expensive and with limited image reproduction capabilities.


FiberLok dimensional graphics stickers are pioneering the creation of a new, up-market sticker category never available before.


How It Helps:


The purposes and uses for FiberLok dimensional graphics stickers fall into three main categories:


  • Promotional stickers—for giveaways, special events, gift packaging, etc.; with FiberLok stickers being most suitable for the most iconic, up-market brands for whom conventional flat graphics stickers are not nearly good enough
  • Retail stickers—sold in retail stores, retail stickers are available with images of popular brands, organizations, locations, licensed designs, sports graphics, etc.;  FiberLok retail stickers differentiated from more common type stickers are pioneering new, higher price points suitable for their upgraded higher perceived value
  • Imprinting of manufactured products—to apply “the maker’s brand” or decorative accents to  industrial and consumer products such as computers, cosmetics products, cell phones, skateboard branding and many more


The aesthetic value of FiberLok stickers includes:

  • of course, the richer most-realistic look
  • pleasing tactile experience that comes from three-dimensional graphics
  • most-unique opportunity to differentiate: an imprinted product, a brand, etc.


The functional value of FiberLok stickers are, likewise, far above and beyond the quality of common paper and film stickers in terms of abrasion resistance.


Who It Helps:


Designers, developers and producers of stickers, brand managers and specifiers, promotional product suppliers and distributors, retailers and other purveyors of stickers are benefitting from the availability of FiberLok stickers, which show up in a wide variety of places, such as:


  • televised poker tournaments, worn by players
  • federal law enforcement agencies
  • elite-brand hotels, department stores, apparel, sports events
  • makers of famous-label cosmetics


Categorically, FiberLok Stickers are seeing strong demand in these distribution channels:


OEM—for branding and decorative application to a wide range of industrial and consumer products, from cosmetics to automotive parts, board-sports product branding and gift-shop iconic retail stickers premium brands


PROMOTIONAL—by definition, most promotions intend to attract attention in order to promote something; and FiberLok Stickers are so out-of-the-ordinary that they offer the greatest visual impact to display product and corporate brands, retail and fashion brands; because of their uniqueness, only FiberLok Stickers enable the opportunity to create genuine product differentiation to help them stand out from the crowd


RETAIL—FiberLok Stickers are creating a new space in retail consumer product markets as the most-detailed, most-unique way to offer retail stickers through company stores, specialty retail shops and, of course, online retail stores; in today’s sticker market, there are FiberLok Stickers and “everything else”, which tend to be simple and flat paper or vinyl type stickers; FiberLok Stickers as accessories for laptops, water bottles, cell phone decoration, etc. offer both aesthetic/visual advantages as well as functional attributes such as soft touch, insulation and more.


What to Do:


For help with FiberLok dimensional Sticker products, please contact us!


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