Specialty Markets Using FiberLok Graphics

Across all the 50+ NicheMarkets into which FiberLok offerings are distributed, these Dimensional Graphics bring new value to customers’ imprinted products—value above and beyond the capabilities of more commonly available image reproduction technologies.

FiberLok’s Dimensional Graphics products have found their way into more than ten Industries (from automotive to yoga mats) and over 50 NicheMarkets. More than half of the dimensional graphics products FiberLok produces are exported to customers outside the USA, since they are only made in our Colorado plant.


Broad distribution into so many different NicheMarkets over the years is a challenge to accomplish, while creating many unique opportunities to learn about many different image reproduction needs. Often, the greatest resource for helpful information about materials, processes, etc. can be our customers. And the reciprocal opportunity to help each other is one of the most satisfying aspects of being in business!

FiberLok’s research never ends, looking into more and more NicheMarkets where there are organizations that we can help with our exclusive dimensional graphics inventions. For example, 2017 is starting with the distribution of ChromaFlex (metallized die-molded graphics) reproductions of aircraft brand images applied to company store apparel for one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers…


…well above and beyond the capabilities of embroidery!

Reaching Out

For almost 40 years, FiberLok has been fortunate enough to introduce our unique and exclusive dimensional graphics capabilities to a wide and diverse audience. We were able to do this the first few decades with traditional marketing methods: attending many hundreds of trade shows, advertising in trade magazines, joining trade organizations, and producing white papers about the dimensional graphics products we invented, researched and developed in order to help add value to imprinted products around the world.

Nowadays, it is a different world—we never imagined years ago that the best way our products and capabilities would be discovered is by being Googled! Consequently, FiberLok is busy preparing our all-new inbound marketing initiative, complete with this website and many months of blogs that will be produced in the years ahead. The new world of web marketing holds special promise for a small organization like FiberLok—creating the ability to reach out across markets, across countries—to offer exclusive opportunities to help enhance the value of imprinted products around the globe.

NicheMarket Commonalities


The common needs that FiberLok’s dimensional graphics customers have, across all the 50+ distribution channels we serve, include:


  • creating most-faithful image reproductions, without a need to compromise by simplifying original graphic designs to accommodate a technology like embroidery
  • needing precise color matching capability to maintain the integrity and fidelity of an original brand image, without limiting colors to available thread colors
  • establishing high perceived value with rich dimensionality, while at the same time enabling permanent application to the imprinted item in 20 seconds or less
  • adding the high-added-value of uniqueness, creating the ability to establish product differentiation to express innovation and design leadership

FiberLok Products


FiberLok offers three exclusive families of Dimensional Graphics products:

  • Lextra flock-textured graphics
  • TackleKnit digitally-produced textile appliques
  • ChromaFlex metallized, die-molded graphics


While selection of FiberLok products tends to correlate with the needs of NicheMarket organizations (i.e. metallized ChromaFlex for police badges), the most important factors determining product selection are the image reproduction needs. Matching those needs to FiberLok’s Dimensional Graphics Attrbutes (also referred to as Capabilities, Features, Functions, Benefits) will bring it all together and result in the best use of FiberLok products to optimize customers’ program objectives.


For example, if image reproduction needs for a major pro sports event include:

  • uniqueness, exclusivity, iconic value consistent with importance of the major sports event
  • reproduction of metallic design elements
  • ability to capture fine design details—in this case, the shadow of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
  • tough, durable enough to withstand on field play in a rough sport
  • permanent application possible in seconds to decorate uniforms of the last-minute qualifying sports teams


These needs—and more—were uniquely met with the capabitlites of FiberLok’s exclusive ChromaFlex transfers:


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