Automotive Applications

Across all the 50+ NicheMarkets into which FiberLok offerings are distributed, these Dimensional Graphics bring new value to customers’ imprinted products—value above and beyond the capabilities of more commonly available image reproduction technologies.

What It Is:


FiberLok dimensional graphics products have long contributed to the automotive industry with its unique combination of attributes, which includes:

  • performance-engineering
  • most faithful, realistic reproduction of original graphic designs
  • highest value OEM look
  • rapid and flexible, cost-effective application


With three exclusive families of dimensional graphics product options, FiberLok provides image reproduction solutions ranging from soft Lextra Graphics People Love to Touch to the metallized, die-molded beauty of ChromaFlex graphics.


How It Helps:


FiberLok heat transfers and stickers have long been specified and used for automotive OEM, Tier, Conversion and After Market designers and developers for a wide range of imaging needs, including:

  • interior and exterior brand ‘badges’
  • information labels: child safety seat, airbag, engine starting instructions, etc.
  • interior decorative accent trim


For application onto:

  • door panels
  • carpet
  • seats, head restraints
  • car covers
  • floor mats
  • brand logo work and promotional apparel


Who It Helps:


Automotive designers searching for qualified, yet out-of-the-ordinary unique image reproduction solutions for interior and exterior applications have discovered a “new tool” with FiberLok’s dimensional graphics.


For over thirty years, FiberLok dimensional graphics have brought new value and unique image reproduction solutions for business partners across all transportation markets from aircraft to marine, heavy truck, and general industrial products.


What To Do?


Contact FiberLok or your supplier today for more information about what FiberLok dimensional graphics can contribute to the look and functionality of your vehicle design and development.

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