Promotional Applications

Across all the 50+ NicheMarkets into which FiberLok offerings are distributed, these Dimensional Graphics bring new value to customers’ imprinted products—value above and beyond the capabilities of more commonly available image reproduction technologies.

What It Is:


The primary objectives in developing effective promotional imprinted products include:

  • most-faithful, realistic, accurate reproduction of original brand graphic designs
  • uniqueness, the “get-noticed” stand-out-from-the-crowd value
  • quick, on-demand production of imprinted apparel


For over 30 years, FiberLok’s dimensional graphics products have stood alone — pioneering a new category of dimensional graphics, thereby helping promotional products suppliers and distributors to win and keep new programs by delighting their end-user customers.


With three exclusive families of dimensional graphics product options, FiberLok provides brand and logo reproduction solutions, ranging from soft Lextra Graphics People Love to Touch to the metallized, die-molded beauty of ChromaFlex graphics.


How It Helps:


FiberLok promotional product business partners are the greatest suppliers of imprinted products because their aim is to be the most-valued resource for best-available imprinted products and graphics solutions.


Complementing embroidery and other more common methods, FiberLok dimensional graphics start where the other technologies end, by being the only imprinted choices offering the most unique combination of:

  • reproduction of finest design details, permanent application in 20 seconds, like with ink-printed graphics
  • rich up-market dimensional texture, like with embroidery
  • uniqueness, opportunity to differentiate the imprinted products, UNLIKE any other graphics


Who It Helps:


FiberLok heat transfers and stickers have long been specified and sourced for corporate branding programs as suppliers and distributers have discovered that it is no longer necessary to compromise in terms of:

  • not needing to simplify images, i.e. the ability to reproduce the finest details
  • not being limited to available thread colors: precisely matching specified colors
  • no longer having irritating inside stitches or puckering of sheer garment textiles: graphics that conform, and are comfortable to wear


From soft, comfortable-yet-tough Lextra flock-textured graphics to metallized die-molded ChromaFlex, FiberLok dimensional graphics design capabilities are second to none.


FiberLok dimensional graphics have stood the test of time for over 30 years, enabling promotional product partners to win and keep imprinted product opportunities across an amazing range of products and markets.


What To Do:


Contact your promotional products distributor or supplier today for information on what ONLY FiberLok dimensional graphics can do for your program.

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