School Uniforms

Across all the 50+ NicheMarkets into which FiberLok offerings are distributed, these Dimensional Graphics bring new value to customers’ imprinted products—value above and beyond the capabilities of more commonly available image reproduction technologies.

What It Is:


Lextra flock-textured brand graphics have become the school uniform branding method of choice for over 20 years. Why compromise? It’s no longer necessary to have irritating stitches inside shirts, for brand images to be puckering or curling, or to commit to producing large inventories of pre-embroidered shirts. Lextra is permanently applied in 20 seconds or less for “on-demand” order fulfillment and maximum inventory flexibility, while at the same time providing the rich texture and high perceived value as embroidery.


TackleKnit Graphics are FiberLok’s newest contribution to the school uniform market, and the greatest features of this digitally-produced branding include lower minimum-order requirements, ability to reproduce unlimited colors and four-color-process images, plus several alternative TackleKnit textiles ,which may be used in single or double-layer (registered) combinations.


How It Helps:


Schools all across the USA appreciate Lextra flock textured school uniform branding — the Graphics People Love to Touch — as students are more proud to wear uniforms that do the best job of clearly presenting the school logo.


Who It Helps:


For over 35 years, uniforms for schools and other institutions have been branded with FiberLok’s flagship Lextra high performance flock heat transfers. When asked why this is true, one school decision-maker replied, “These logos are our brand; so naturally it’s important to us to be as proud as possible about the way they look!” And mothers surely appreciate the durability, high wash-fastness and extreme wearing comfort of Lextra.


What To Do:


If you are a producer of school uniforms, request samples from FiberLok right away to see first-hand how we have been helping add value to school uniform products for 30 years. We can help you add these dimensional graphics capabilities to your uniform product offerings very quickly.


If you are a school, specifier or user of school uniforms, please get in touch with your uniform supplier right away and ask for FiberLok dimensional graphics samples so you can touch and experience the beauty of these remarkable products.

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