Sports Medicine

Across all the 50+ NicheMarkets into which FiberLok offerings are distributed, these Dimensional Graphics bring new value to customers’ imprinted products—value above and beyond the capabilities of more commonly available image reproduction technologies.

What It Is:


Brand logos applied to today’s sports medicine products, typically made from combinations of neoprene and other materials, are often the focal point of the product.


While there has always been a need for up-market highest-quality brand logo reproductions, imprinting options have mostly been limited to “printed, flat ink graphics” type logos.


Only FiberLok offers three famiiles of dimensional, heat-applied graphics to bring better branding and higher perceived value, plus comfort, to the sports medicine product category.


How It Helps:


FiberLok graphics applied sports medicine products add greater value and authenticity with:

  • most-faithful image and color reproduction
  • extreme wearing comfort; flexible and elastic
  • speed and flexibility of heat transfer application
  • highest-perceived-value from dimension and texture


Who It Helps:


America’s greatest DEVELOPERS and PRODUCERS of sports medicine products today are specifying FiberLok dimensional graphics for brand applications because they are consistent with brand positioning of better retail products.


END USERS who wear sports medicine products bearing FiberLok dimensional graphics appreciate the extreme comfort, enhanced-looking brand logos and durability that outlasts the life of the item to which they are applied.


What to Do:


Upgrade your branded sports medicine products by contacting FiberLok today to develop the dimensional graphics solutions that are right for your program.

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