FiberLok Dimensional Graphics For Specifiers

When it comes to the fidelity of your brand logo, why compromise? Many types of graphic designs are best reproduced with FiberLok dimensional graphics–beyond the capabilities of embroidery.

If you are responsible for the integrity of image reproductions for imprinted apparel and other products, you may have come to the right place! Especially for brand managers responsible for maintaining the fidelity of original brand logos, FiberLok’s Dimensional Graphics uniquely offer most-faithful and consistent brand reproduction across a wide range of surfaces.


Only FiberLok Dimensional Graphics offer the best-of-all-world combination of:

  • Rich texture and dimension, intense colors and high perceived value like embroidery
  • Most-faithful image reproduction without loss of details, high speed and through-put, lower cost like printing
  • All-in-one package!


If your branded imprinted products today are coming up short in terms of brand fidelity—or if an upgrade to higher perceived value and greater visual impact could be helpful—then consider specifying FiberLok Dimensional Graphics from your supplier.

There are reasons why, for almost 40 years, FiberLok Dimensional Graphics have been specified and trusted for reproducing some of the world’s most valued brands—for:

  • Licensed sports apparel
  • Federal government law enforcement agency badges
  • Apparel brands
  • Corporate brand logos for promotional and work uniforms


And thanks to the exclusivity of FiberLok Dimensional Graphics, there is another bonus: it is possible to regain branded product program control, protecting against unauthorized reproduction of valued brands.

Everything you need to
make your brand Dimensional