FiberLok dimensional graphics feature a unique combination of attributes that create a variety of product solutions for visual designers and brand developers. And, when it comes to non-apparel products (those that are not worn)—items that range from yoga mats to mattresses, and trophies to phone cases—are value-enhanced with striking brand recognition.

FiberLok’s original techology enables the most-faithful and precise reproduction of the brand’s art. It creates the maximum visual value and delivers uniqueness, rich textures, intense colors, and the ability to produce high-volume graphics in a short period of time—many being permanently applied in 20 seconds or less.

In addition, to provide our customers with an independent credential demonstrating our quality commitment and mature processes, we attained ISO 9001-2015 certification for our manufacturing and related processes in 2020. This was one attempt to reinforce confidence that our products can fit in seamlessly with your highest manufacturing quality standards.

Non-Apparel Gallery