Everything you need to
make your brand Dimensional

Starting where most conventional technologies like embroidery end, FiberLok Dimensional Graphics offer exclusive combinations of benefits including:


  • Details:  the ability to reproduce finest design elements
  • Authenticity:  most-faithful reproduction of original design, with precise color matching
  • Uniqueness:  dramatic dimension and intense colors combine to create highest perceived value and visual impact
  • Comfort:  intense colors and pleasingly-rich texture, graphics conform to apparel without irritating inside stitches
  • Durability:  performance-engineered to out-last the life of the imprinted article


FiberLok’s three families of Dimensional Graphics were created with these fundamental ideas in mind:


  • When it comes to image reproduction, there is no “one-size-fits-all” technology that’s suitable for all types of graphic designs
  • While a basic image like a “swoosh” reproduces well with embroidery, more complex images will not
  • FiberLok Dimensional Graphics were invented to create a new imprinting category with capabilities above and beyond conventional methods