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FiberLok is passionate about helping you bring new life to your imprinted products with our original dimensionalized graphics technologies.

You Can Have It All. The precision and speed of ink-printed graphics with the rich dimension of embroidery in one solution–FiberLok Dimensionalized Graphics technologies. The advantages of FiberLok’s dimensional graphics start where common technologies like embroidery leave off in terms of the look, the performance, and strategic benefits.

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This product may be covered by or made by a method of one or more of US pats. 7,338,697; 7,344,769; 7,364,782; 7,381,284; 7,390,552; 7,402,222; 7,413,581; 7,632,371; 7,749,589; 8,168,262; 8,206,800; 8,354,050; 9,012,005; 9,175,436; 9,180,530; 9,180,729; 9,193,214; with additional patents pending worldwide. Samples shown are for the purpose of illustrating FiberLok's graphic reproduction capabilities and products, and designs shown are not offered for sale.

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • PPAI
  • Flame Resistant Fabric

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