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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What factors determine a project’s cost?

We evaluate several characteristics, but the three most important items that affect pricing are:
1. Design size
2. Order quantity
3. Number of colors for flocked products

What is the order process?

1. You initiate the process by filling out our contact form and can request product samples
2. FiberLok ships requested product samples for evaluation
3. Once you decide on the product you’d like to move forward with, you send us artwork (preferably vector art [i.e. EPS, SVG, etc.])
4. FiberLok sends you a digital proof and firm price quote
5. OPTIONAL: You request pre-production approval proofs (or waive this step)
6. Upon approval, production order is placed, product produced, and shipped to you from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

What is the corresponding MOQ (minimum order quantity) for my order?

Each product varies based on a variety of criteria. See the appropriate product page for specifications, order quantity requirements, and lead time.
ChromaFlex | ColorCrest | LexTra | LumoTex | TackleKnit

Is custom color matching available?

Yes. Colors are matched to a Pantone reference number, but discounts may be available if stock colors are selected.

How durable are FiberLok dimensional graphics?

It’s not uncommon for some of our graphic solutions to outlast the life of the imprinted article. See the appropriate product page for specifications.

How do I help ensure quality application of FiberLok graphics?

When applying heat transfers, we recommend pre-application testing and that the heat press process be checked for quality control assurance—proper temperature and time duration, as well as use of appropriate protective layer (paper separator or the provided orange foam for ChromaFlex).

>> Each product page has specific application instruction guidance available. Adherence to these guidelines for temperature, pressure, and protection is the best way to get the highest quality and long term performance.

How reflective is LumoTex?

The silver reflective meets ANSI 107 and other global high visibility standards > 300cd/lux-m2.

How many reflective colors can LumoTex have?

LumoTex designs are built in two layers, and while the textile layer offers unlimited colors, the reflective layer is limited to one color (chosen from six stock colors).

What are your business TERMS?

  • Net 30 days to credit-established accounts
  • Prepay in full prior to production for non-credit established accounts
  • FOB Fort Collins, Colorado, USA plant
  • FiberLok Technologies, Inc. reserves the right to ship a percentage over or under the quantity ordered, the percentage is listed on the quote. The quantity shipped will be the quantity invoiced.

Where are FiberLok products made?

All of our products are manufactured in our plant in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA; with the exception of ChromaFlex.

Where does FiberLok ship?

FiberLok manufactures in the USA for domestic and international customers. We ship worldwide and partner with multiple distributors to assist with delivery timing/needs.

Do FiberLok products pass Fire Resistance testing?

LexTra Heat Transfers and TackleKnit Heat Transfers have been successfully tested by an outside lab in accordance with Section 8.2.1 of ASTM F1959/F1959M-14 Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing and AATCC Test Method 135-15, Procedure 3, IV, Aiii.

Fire Resistance (FR) testing is dependent on each individual garment and logo combination and it is therefore required to be performed on each specific combination. If you desire FR compliance, we recommend that you request samples of our product, apply to your intended garment and perform FR testing on the entire garment.