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  • Promo Products

    The Promo market, by definition, works to draw attention to brands that are presented on promotional products like caps, shirts, water bottles, etc.

  • Brand Apparel

    In the fashion industry, look and feel are everything. Brands rely on quality craftsmanship, durability, and refined visual appeal to elevate the performance of the products they offer.

  • Mattress

    Producers of quality mattress products have always wanted to differentiate their brands and create brand image reproductions that flex and flow with their products. Now they have choices that can convey plushness, comfort, and premium quality.

  • Non-Apparel

    When it comes to non-apparel products (those that are not worn)—items that range from yoga mats to blankets and trophies to phone cases—are value-enhanced with striking brand recognition.

  • Workwear

    Today’s work uniforms require a level of visual recognition that enable speedy identification for not only corporate reputation management, but also a heightened sense of security.

  • Other Sports

    In today’s sports world, brand logos, mascots and sponsorship are visual focal points and are included on products like high-performance apparel, equipment, and accessories. These visual symbols inspire team spirit, pride and a sense of legitimacy/identity.

  • Soccer

    Starting in the 1980’s when LexTra was the primary branding method for the clubs in the United Kingdom’s world-famous F. A. Premier League, richly-textured, intensely-colored LexTra became the best way to differentiate soccer apparel from other sports.

  • Schoolwear

    Comfort, durability and solid good looks are just some of the advantages offered by FiberLok’s dimensionalized graphics—creating customized uniforms that meets the needs of schools, parents, and the kids wearing them.

  • Public Safety

    With safety and authenticity being of the utmost importance, our products are created with unique, patented processes for high-quality reproductions that protect against counterfeiting.